DJ Brent Cox

Brent Cox brings a broadly educated versatility and eclectic experience to your wedding. Having performed at many ceremonies and receptions since kicking off his DJ career in the late 00’s, he has played I some of the state’s most iconic and breathtaking locations. Brent has put in the years required to train his ears, develop his technical abilities and most importantly, hone his song programming to have your guests dancing off their desserts and reminiscing about what a wonderful night (or day) your wedding was.

Despite being born on the tail end of the 80’s, Brent has a vast musical knowledge that he tailors specifically to your audience. He will read your crowd and adapt to any kind of scenario. He is confident and proud in what he does, always striving for a level of professionalism that has him winning favour with each bridal couple he has the pleasure of playing for.

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To book DJ Brent Cox to play at your wedding or corporate event, please contact Tim Densley at
Timeless Wedding Entertainment on 1800 811-981 or [email protected]

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