Mandi is an accomplished Sydney based multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Highly regarded by her musical peers for her skills as a guitarist, pianist and harmonica player, Mandi has been a grand finalist in the Toyota Starmaker Awards, a finalist in the annual Commercial Radio Australia New Artist 2 Radio Australian program, nominated for the MusicOz “Pop” and “Artist of the Year” awards, and both a semi-finalist and finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Mandi has performed with Deni Hines, Natalie Bassingthwaite, David Campbell, Jenny Morris and Glen Shorrock, and has written music with Jenny Morris, Rick Price, Jane Bach and John Field.

Mandi combines her multi-instrumental talents with an acclaimed signature vocal that captures the ear and wraps the listener up in its warm embrace. Think Norah Jones meets Sheryl Crowe with a large dollop of Mary Chapin-Carpenter. She puts her own spin on her favourite popular music whilst staying true to the nature of the song’s heart. Her years on the live circuit have honed a sublimely fine, charismatic live performer that creates an intimate and inviting atmosphere for her audiences coupled with a stage presence that compels attention. There is nothing quite like the presence of Mandi Jarry on stage with her guitar, harmonica and beautiful vocals.

Mandi works as a SOLO, DUO or TRIO with a talented group of musicians including Duncan Wilson, Nicky Kurta, Chris Gable, Dave Molland, Katy Underwood, Lindsay Drummond, Luke Dixon, Pete Nu, Chris Fields, Franco Raggatt, Pat Madden, Josh Munn and Ash Maklad.


To book Mandi to play at your wedding or corporate event, please contact Tim Densley at Timeless Wedding Entertainment on

1800 811-981 or [email protected]